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Understanding the Atlas-FAI Difference

EOTTS With HyProCure® Has Given Thousands Of Children And Adults All Over The World A New Life.

Being able to play sports without being side-lined, playing with their grand-kids, dancing at your child’s wedding are just a few of the positive life-changing stories told to us. The Atlas-FAI difference is that we truly care about your success. Our team is dedicated to do all that is possible to get the best outcome. While no one can ever guarantee results, we will do all we can. The EOTTS-HyProCure is not covered by all health insurance plans, so we at Atlas-FAI do what we can to keep the costs affordable.

If you’re wondering about the cost of the EOTTS-HyProCure procedure, you’re not alone.

That’s Often The Biggest Questions Patients Have At Their Consultation.

Since everyone’s circumstances are different – the cost of the foot realignment procedure could vary. The best way to get an accurate idea of what your procedure will cost is to come in for a consultation.

Our Atlas-FAI team will do all they can to keep the costs as affordable as possible. We try to keep everything as convenient and stress free for our patients . By offering the procedure in-office, this saves thousands of dollars, right off the bat.

Something else to consider: because covering the costs of the procedure can be a challenge for some, Atlas-FAI offers different financing options. Many patients qualify for financing, and our treatment coordinators help them discover ways to fit the cost of the procedure into their budgets. At your consultation, you will discuss all of the options open to you. We often tell people not to let the cost of this life-changing procedure hold them back. A new, healthier you may be closer than you think – and definitely worth the visit to an Atlas-FAI near you

Paying for the EOTTS-HyProCure Procedure

Atlas-FAI is proud to be a part of each and every life-changing patient story, and we understand that this is a major decision. We have financing options available for patients who qualify, and we are dedicated to helping you find a way to afford treatment. If you are unsure if you can afford treatment, don’t let fear keep you from getting the facts. Schedule a consultation today so you can make an informed decision about what is right for you.

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