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At age 4 my daughter, Aria, started ballet classes and we noticed that it seemed like Aria was rolling in on her feet. She'd been having balance issues and complaining that her legs hurt her for several months, but we thought it was growing pains. As she played and danced, her pain increased to the point that she'd wake up crying and we would have to rub her legs to get her to go to sleep. We talked to our chiropractor who recommended Dr. Foster. We are SO thankful that we did.

We met with Dr. Foster and at our first appointment we decided to use shoe inserts to support her feet with the plan to revisit and look at surgery when she was 5. We had the first procedure in September of 2017 and the second in December of 2017. Dr. Foster and his staff have been fantastic. They've treated Aria like she was family and are so sweet with her.

Aria is recovering so well and already is able to play longer than she could before. We couldn't be happier with the HyProCure procedure or the care we've received from Dr. Foster and his staff. Aria says that Dr. Foster did a good job, he's a good doctor!

-Erin B.

Best foot doctor in Kansas City! Could not ask for a better doctor. Love [Dr. Foster]!

-Joe W.

Before I went to see Dr. Ahn, I had the worst Bunion’s and bad Toe alignment, that was causing me so much pain. Dr. Ahn did minimally surgery on my feet. He made my feet beautiful. For the first time I was able to show my feet proud without being embarrassed of my feet. Also no more bunion pain, no big ugly scars either. Thank you, Dr. Ahn!

-Minga P.

Outstanding service. Cannot fault the doctor [Dr. Abbott], nor any of his staff as they all went above and beyond to assist with my injury.

-Petar M.

My experience was very positive. The staff is very friendly. Dr . Pancholi is wonderful and explained all options available to me for my specific issues. She was very concerned about my comfort.

-Anne K.

So I am a review guy . I searched for a dr for my wife for her foot pain. While searching I can across Dr Ahn and nothing but great reviews all over. So I texted her at work and said I am making an appointment online. So easy to fill out and schedule online.

-Terrence O.

Brett and our family met Dr. Foster when Brett was 6-7 years old. Brett was born with a right foot deformity. His feet vary in shoe size by 7 sizes. With Dr. Foster’s precise skills + innovation, Brett has enjoyed a very fulfilling like wearing heelies, marching 4 years in band, ice skating, roller skating, and skateboarding. Thanks to Dr. Foster and his knowledge + expertise. Brett has not been held back in any way from participating in life. Dr. Foster is a very kind, caring and compassionate doctor. We are very grateful to have him as our doctor.

-Brett S.

I had bunion surgery on my left foot and then two months later on my right. Dr. Spitz performed surgery in the office under local anesthesia. The technique the doctor used was minimally invasive without visible scars. I had only 2 small cuts on my foot. After the surgery I never missed a day of work and had minimal pain, and I even did not take pain relieving meds. I am very pleased with my results and the service I received at Dr. Spitz’s clinic. I recommend this doctor to anyone who suffers from foot problems.

-Nadia V.

Dr Pancholi knew what the cause of my pain was as soon as she examined my foot. No invasive testing or X-rays were needed. She was both pleasant & professional. The office staff was also very courteous and friendly.

-Penny M.

Dr. Abbott is by far the best doctor I have been to in a very long time. After breaking my big toe almost ten years ago he is the first doctor that was able to correct what was causing pain and with a wonderful bedside manner and sincere compassion for his patients.

-Debra G.

Absolutely wonderful. Dr. Pancholi was so kind and helpful.She actually gave me hope.

-Kathleen C.

I went to Dr.Ferragamo with pretty bad plantar fasciitis. She really helped me get relief with arch supports and other various techniques. She is so knowledgeable and I can tell she enjoys her job and helping people. Her staff is wonderful too. I would highly recommend her!

-Cher G.

Approaching age 60, I was again being “slowed down” by chronically sore feet. Having tried several over-the-counter as well as expensive, custom orthotics and receiving only partial relief, I was very interested when Dr. Ferragamo suggested I consider the HyProCure inserts. It sounded as though my pronated ankles could be “cured” by creating proper alignment of my foot and ankle bones during weight-bearing exercise. I decided it was well worth giving it a try to stop the pain. Since having Dr. Ferragamo insert the HyProCure “spacers” a year ago, the mechanics of both feet have dramatically improved and the daily discomfort I had for many, many years is gone. I can even walk comfortably barefoot on hard surfaces, something I could never do before undergoing the procedure! This simple solution has definitely improved the quality of my life.


Max is 9-years-old and he has special needs. He had been very delayed in his gross motor abilities and didn’t like to walk; he wanted to be carried all of the time. When he did walk, it was very ridged and he tired easily. We were told that this was due to his Down Syndrome. But we felt there was more going on than that. We tried special shoe inserts which seemed to help Max walk better, but there wasn’t the development improvement we hoped to see after 6 months. That’s when we were recommended HyProCure. There’s been a lot of improvement already, where Max has started wanting to walk and walking faster. We are so happy to see so much improvement. We see how proud he is of himself; he is more independent and his cognitive ability has soared. Thank you for the wonderful gift you gave to our family.”

-Max & Family

My son, Trevor, was in severe pain with his feet(most days an 8 out of 10). This goes back 7 years now, and every day was a struggle. His physical activities were limited and he missed out on a lot. We tried orthotics, leg braces, knee braces – his pain would go from his feet to his hips. Now, just seven weeks after surgery, he is almost 100% pain free. [HyProCure®]- IT IS A LIFE CHANGER. Plain & simple. I will be forever grateful to both Dr. Joel Chariton for his excellent job, and to the inventor of HyProCure. I feel like after 7 years, my son has his life back!


Very professional, Dr Abbott was very kind and explained everything he wanted to do and what to expect before he did anything. I was very comfortable with him and his caring staff.

-Christine S.

Before I was HyProCured by Dr. Barry Klein, I would trip over myself; my feet turned in and I looked like a penguin when I walked because I kind of waddled. When I played sports it hurt to run. So it made me avoid doing those things. Now I don’t hurt or trip over myself. Today, I barely even know I had it done – it never hurts and I never have a problem with it


I honestly, honestly can say that I have a better quality of life today compared to before the procedure! In fact, most days, I actually forget that I ever had the surgery at all! Any soreness in the ankles in the morning that I had the first few weeks after surgery have disappeared – I can literally jump out of bed, walk around barefoot, spend the entire day in flip flops and life is great!


Doc is a wonderfully friendly, warm, and informal guy, who is also knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. I always enjoy talking to him.

-Joseph S.

I tried shoe inserts and orthotics to relieve the pain, however these did not permanently address my pain. I sought medical advice from a local podiatrist who suggested reconstructive foot surgery which entailed several weeks off my feet and a slow recovery. After learning about HyProCure I quickly discovered that I was a candidate and that the procedure directly addressed the issue causing my pain. I am extremely pleased with the results. I had the procedure done on both feet and so happy that I did.


Dr Herbert is very professional, patient, he explains clearly, he is very friendly, I'm much better now, the staff is amazing, the office is clean, Thank you Dr.

- Kadiatou C.

I like that [Dr. Pancholi] took time to ask and answer questions. She looks you in the eyes which shows she's paying attention and she explains everything clearly and in a way you can understand. Office staff was great too.

-Millie R.

The office is clean and the staff are professional. Dr. Ferragamo is professional and personable. I saw her last year on the recommendation of my dad, who went there after trying others. I had a successful surgery, and returned to schedule treatment of the other foot. I like that she considers a number of options and carefully explains all of them. I never felt rushed and had my questions answered, so I felt confident in my treatment plan. I have since referred my husband and my friend.


Every time I show up for an appointment I'm surprised by the speed, consideration, and professionalism of Dr. Abbott's office. Dr. Abbott is great about making sure you feel comfortable and is great about making you feel like a partner in the treatment process, not just a patient that he is barking orders to.

-Mikio A.

My visit to the office was very nice. From the receptionist to the doctor, I was treated very well. I would recommend Dr. Pancholi to anyone. Thank you to all.

-Tom D.

Dr. Foster never disappoints. On my first visit, he did something {offload padding) to my orthotics. It made my foot feel so much better. Today I came in (heel spur) and he did it again…

-Mae H.

Dr. Ferragamo was so thorough. She listened to me and addressed my specific problem and answered all of my questions. My feet already feel better. I would definitely recommend my family and friends to her.


Very pleased with my office visit. Dr. Abbott is terrific, very thorough and very professional.

-Maryann J.

The doctor and the staff were excellent. So friendly and warm. I felt very well taken care of.

-Sohee S.

My experience as a new patient [with Dr. Bresnahan] was very welcoming and friendly.


The best Foot and Ankle Surgeons in Michigan. Both my 11 year old son and I have been treated here. They are professional, knowledgeable, and the best doctors ever. Dr. K was also a great motivation to my 11 year old.

-Kristina G.

Great bed side manner, explained every step of the procedure to me. Answered all questions that I had. All follow up appointments were great. Fixed my problem exactly as he said he would. Never waited more than 5 minutes in the waiting room. Highly recommended on all levels.

-Christoper K.

My visit [with Dr. Spitz] was very friendly and patient first service. I was always attended to very quickly and efficiently.

-Elizabeth P.

I have had Bunions since I was a teenager; I am now 43. They were ugly and painful, but I was too scared to have surgery. Then I met Dr. Spitz and learned about the latest techniques available. They are minimally invasive and require little downtime. So I decided now was the time to do it. I arrived and 7am and walked out of his office at 11:45. Yep, I walked out of the office, bunion free. At 3 weeks I could wear a regular shoe and at 4 weeks I was swimming and sailing! I'm already scheduled to do my other foot. Why did I wait so long?!

-Kathyrn P.

My husband and I are both patients of Dr. Foster. We have been very pleased with the care and professionalism received. He is thorough, explains procedures, uses the least invasive treatment first and patiently addresses our questions. I have recommended him to many friends. He also has an excellent staff.

-Geneva L.

HyProCure has helped me feel young again. I am able to do things I was not able to do with the pain. Now I’m able to do outdoor activities like run and ride a bike. HyProCure has pleased me in many ways; I have less pain in other body parts, like my knees, it is one of the best solutions I have ever done. I feel young and happy. My family loves the results. Dr. Ahn is very professional and I recommend him to anybody. Dr. Ahn and his staff have been very helpful, kind and patient. Thank you, Dr. Ahn


Dr. Abbott is profressional as well as friendly and engaging. He works well with all ages. The wait is normally within 5 minutes of arival.The staff is very amiable and are effiecient.

-Dorothea F.

Great care by a great doctor and her staff. [Dr. Pancholi] always has time to explain and talk with you about your ailments.

-Michael Y.

Dr. Abbott was very friendly, professional and informative. He eased a lot of my anxiety about my injury and made me feel like my recovery was important to him. I would highly recommend to any athlete suffering from a foot/ankle injury.


Dr. Foster is very professional but considerate of each individual patient. He gives the best care available, yet he lets you know the financial implications.

-Mary G.

Dr. Ahn is the MAN..!! I had an ingrown toe nail removed years ago and I still got nightmares from the pain. But this time with Dr.Ahn my experience was AMAZING! Even though my toe was pretty infected and swollen, I didn’t feel anything. He was very understanding of my previous traumatic experience and made this one an unforgettable one – and in a good way this time. I highly recommend Dr. Ahn.

-Armando V.

This is my second time with Dr. Bresnahan. Both visits were for minor injuries. Their office is very clean, staff is friendly and Dr. Bresnahan was thorough, informative and had a great bedside manner. Again, my visits were for minor issues but both times I was taken back and seen very quickly and treated within a reasonable amount of time. I would highly recommend.


Wonderful, caring, and highly professional doctor. Could not recommend [Dr. Abbott] more highly!

-Tiffany G.

Dr. K is patient, pleasant and very easygoing. He explains everything in detail, in a way which is easily understood by a lay person

-Edna R.

My ankle just gave out way one day and I didn’t know what caused it. It healed so quickly….I expected to be on crutches and I never was. My ankles are now completely aligned…the [Adler Footcare ] office made me feel like I was at home.


I just got back from Dr. Ahns office and can’t thank him and his staff enough!! Both of my bunions were so bad and after waiting years to have them taken care of, I am 100% happy with the results! Whenever I hear people talk about their foot issues, I tell them about Dr. Ahn. All of the people that work in the office for Dr. Ahn are GREAT! Highly recommend anyone to Dr. Ahn for foot issues.


I can't recommend Dr. Abbott highly enough. He is professional, considerate and kind. I had two horrible splinters in my feet, and I could barely walk. He took care of me right away, and everything healed quickly and wonderfully. He made the procedure painless, and he talked me through the whole thing. He is a truly wonderful doctor with a punctual and excellent office

-Leigh V.

I suffered with ankle pain due to dislocation for a few years. I tried shoe inserts and orthotics to relieve pain, however these did not permanently address my pain. I sought medical advice from a local podiatrist who suggested reconstructive foot surgery which entailed several weeks off my feet and a slow recovery. After learning about HyProCure I quickly discovered that I was a candidate and that the procedure directly addressed the issue causing my pain. I elected to have the HyProCure procedure done and I am extremely pleased with the results. The procedure took approximately 40 minutes and I was released the same day wearing a boot. I was able to do a moderate amount of walking in the boot post-surgery and healed gradually so that within 2 weeks I could comfortably wear tennis shoes. I had the procedure done on both feet and so happy that I did! The thing that has pleased me most about my experience with HyProCure is that the procedure made me pain free and the fact that the procedure is minimally invasive and has a quick recovery time. Dr. Ahn was extremely informative about the HyProCure procedure as well as the surgical and healing process. He took the time to discuss the cause of my pain and assured me that the HyProCure procedure would address it. He was attentive during each follow up visit and the staff was both friendly and helpful.


I made the decision to invest in the HyProCure titanium stent implant procedure to address the underlying problem instead of living with symptoms I know understand would get progressively worse. Performed one month apart at the clinic under local anesthetic. The procedure caused minimal interruption to my regular routine ( you walk out – no crutches). It has taken about a year for my feet to fully heal, but not only am I now orthotic free, my feet continue to improve as the tendons and joints relax from a much improved mechanic. I know I’ve made the right decision moving forward.


I’ve had severe flat feet my whole life that have gotten progressively worse over time. I had cortisone injections 10 years ago so I could at least walk. Years ago my podiatrist made a brace for me that was supposed to be worn in all shoes. It was impossible, rigid and horrible. I never wore it. I was offered complete rear-foot reconstructive surgery at about $60,000 per foot. I started researching alternatives and discovered the HyProCure procedure. I did my right foot in June. My bunions disappeared with this procedure and all arch pain is gone! I am so thankful for HyProCure as it will allow me to actively exercise again, contributing to better health.


Very passionate . Gets straight to the point,a people person. Chose him [Dr. Abbott] in the beginning of summer ,and he is going to be my podiatrist for a long time??

-Indira S.

I am walking around without orthotics in my shoes, which doctors told me would never happen, and I have no pain in my feet, which is foreign to me, but I can definitely get used to this. A couple weeks ago I was able to walk into a shoe store and buy shoes without needing to put my insoles in them first, something I hadn’t done in more than ten years!


Our child wore orthotics for approximately 3 years. We were told at the time that there was still a very good chance that her arches may continue to fall or could simply stay as they were but that the orthotics would not ever correct her arch problem completely. At the same time, we were also educated on a procedure called HyProCure, whereby a titanium stent is surgically implanted into each foot to correct the absence of the foot arch. Three years later, our child’s feet were completely flat and we returned to [our doctor’s] office where he confirmed what we already knew. We agreed to have the HyProCure stent procedure done. She had both feet treated in July of 2015, three weeks apart, and she is confidently ready to head back to school. The arches are already evidently present now and we are so very happy we went ahead with the treatment.


Dr. Abbott is a fantastic podiatrist!

-Justine K.

I can remember at an early age, I had pain in my legs and feet. Sometimes it was so bad I could feel it shooting into my back. I was told they were growing pains and that I would grow out of it—but I didn’t. I saw several foot specialists and was prescribed inserts and foot injections. I didn’t like the inserts because they were bulky and easy to misplace. The injections were painful and, for a kid, they’re scary. After seeing multiple doctors and getting the same answers, I just lived with the pain. As an adult, I was told that I needed reconstructive surgery on both feet and that the recovery process could take up to a year. That’s when I decided to look for other options. It’s been about eight weeks since I had HyProCure placed in both feet, and I have no limitations. The pain in my feet is gone, and I have already noticed less pain in my knees, hips, and back. I am able to run and exercise, and I’m also back in my heels! I would absolutely recommend this procedure. It’s truly changed my life for the better!


I am 26 and was experiencing chronic pain after walking or running both short and long distances. Due to my flat feet, the ligaments on the top part of my feet were stretched very tight. I was also experiencing some knee problems. For the first time in my life the HyProCure solution eliminated my pain in both my feet and knees. My shoes fit more comfortably and I healed extremely quick. Definitely a choice I am glad I made. HyProCure is not a scary procedure. The stent does not involve any drilling or cementation to be inserted, so in the absolute worst case scenario if it need to be removed, it easily could be! You can also get orthotics to make recovery, in my opinion that much easier. I am pleased by how quickly I was able to walk, in boots and without boots, after the procedure. Great experience.


Dr. Abbott is the 'foot whisperer.' I had a painful ingrown toenail which he removed with ease, sensitivity and in a conservative fashion. I was about to head overseas for a trip and Dr. Abbott took great care to ensure that I would have no problem following the procedure. I have been treated by a number of different podiatrists with whom I have been satisfied. However, now having visited this 'foot whisperer,' I won't see anyone else. Further, there is ZERO wait time, the staff is very friendly, engaging and interested. Dr. Abbott himself called later in the day to check in on me and inquire about how my toe was feeling. Dr. Abbott is incredibly special and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be treated by such a talented gentleman. Oh. And no less important, the team works incredibly hard to fit you into their schedule.

-Amanda C.

HyProCure has drastically improved my life. Prior to having this procedure I was having pain in both my knees and lower back. These pains were keeping me from playing soccer and participating at gym. It took me about 4 or 5 months to be able to play soccer 100% but it was well worth the wait. The first thing my coach told me was how much better I was running and how much more dominant I looked on the field. HyProCure has allowed me to live a more enjoyable and pain free life.


In addition to my successful surgery, my recovery has been aided by Dr. Foster’s impeccable “bed-side” manner and his highly personable and professional staff.

-Susan V.

Dr. Pancholi treated my wife with the utmost care and concern. Many thanks for her warm professional manner.

-Penelope A.

The staff is so friendly and accommodating. Dr. Herbert is genuinely caring and very gentle. This office visit felt like visiting family or old friends. I highly recommend this practice!


Dr. Tibbs is a patient amazing doctor.

-Gia J.

Needed my son in to be seen in a pinch and they made the appointment happen. I was seen at my exact appointment time, Dr. Bresnahan was kind and explained everything he was doing clearly. Great experience.

-Susie D.

Dr. Foster has been able to do in one year that two other doctors could not do. He has been able to get all of my toes straight and the hardware out. He has truly been an angel.

-Linda S.

Great service, friendly staff. Finally starting to see repairs in my nails thanks to Dr. Spitz after suffering with nail fungus for several years.

-Robert J.

I truly love going to Horsley Foot Doctors ~ I have the pleasure of being in the professional atmosphere of caring and compassionate doctors ~ Dr. K. Horsley was the one whom discovered a very serious medical issue with my feet and legs which is ALL better now ~ In addition, Dr. K ALWAYS gives everyone a huge SMILE when he knocks and enters the patient's room ~ May God continue to bless his mind and hands to do this wonderful work.

-Dorothy J.

I had the most pleasant experience with Dr. Spitz. and the office staff. The laser treatments were painless and very effective.The office staff was very professional and responsive. I definitely recommend this office to my friends and family for any kind of foot concerns.

-Julia M.

I’m so glad I stopped in to see Dr. Ahn he is the best foot Dr I ever been to. Thank you for caring about my feet.


The [Adler Footcare] staff was just amazing here. I mean they gave me such good care. I'm still in the process of recovery but it's just been a really easy experience. I have had minimal pain with both feet. My doctors were available on call should I need them and they answered my questions. In addition, they have made the process easier for getting any supplies I may need. They even made sure I could get home safe after my appointment if I needed help. So they spoil me a bit.

-Kimberly M.

Dr. Abbott was pretty thorough regarding the potential issues and the next steps moving forward.

-Damian M.

This place is great. The staff was super nice. Doctor Abbott was great, broke down what was going on and explained everything in a way that you understand. Laid out a good plan on how to achieve the best results. Great bedside manner. He made it a point to make me feel comfortable. And the facility itself was nice, clean and welcoming. I would definitely recommend him.


Very pleased with my appointments and treatment. Dr. Pancholi is an expert in her field.

-Wilma R.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Foster. I have worked with many doctors over the years, and they don’t come any better than this one. He worked with me through a lengthy recovery, and throughout the process, he went above and beyond for me constantly. He truly cares about the health and welfare of his patients. He goes out of his way to ensure they are as supported as possible, from their medical care to their financial options. I could not possibly recommend him highly enough.

-Charles H.

Dr. Abbott was a true professional, tremendous charm, great bedside manner and a fantastic support crew in the office. The appointment was with my 91-year-old mother and he couldn't have been kinder and more gentle with her. I wish I had seen him when I had foot issues. If I could give him more stars, I would.

-Irene I.

This was my first visit and I was very pleased and will see him again. Friendly, professional, explained what I needed to know, and friendly competent office. Very good start to what I expect will be a good relationship, Plus in the neighborhood!

-Cathy B.

Dr Ahn is an excellent doctor, easy to talk to, he is very nice, gave excellent care, very patient and kind doctor. Provides a good explanation of whats next in my treatment. I appreciate being seen on time. Everyone was very friendly. The staff at the office are very friendly and caring and the surgery was done at his very clean office. I had no problem with billing.

-Stephanie A.

Dr. Horsley’s office is by far the best podiatric experience I have ever had! All the staff were kind, knowledgeable and helped set up a reasonable plan for my treatment.

-Larry C.

I had been suffering from increasingly debilitating foot pain for a long five years before meeting Dr. Weinert. My job as a commercial pilot requires a substantial amount of walking, and I was growing increasingly concerned that I’d be unable to perform my duties if the condition continued to worsen. It was disheartening to say the least that the walking involved could possibly cause me to give up the dream job I’d worked so hard for, when the flying itself posed no problems and I could manipulate the controls perfectly. After a long day of walking I would be in a great deal of discomfort. Of course I also had to consider the prospect of losing my earning ability. Like many, many people who are experiencing chronic pain, I tried a variety of things to fix the issue, but the problem, in the end, was with the diagnosis. After visiting several top podiatrists and foot specialists in the Greater Toronto Area and even flying to a specialist in Vancouver, I was still unable to get any relief. I spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on techniques – laser therapy, xx therapy, chiropractic care – and custom orthotics and specialty shoes, all to no avail. Eventually, I had to concede that I may not be able to cure myself and actually decided I would be willing to have my feet amputated if it meant I could get prosthetics and walk ‘normally’ again; my frustration and hopelessness were at an all-time high when I heard about HyProCure surgery. I am an avid researcher, and after looking into this procedure very thoroughly and also speaking with my podiatrist and several specialists about it, I contacted Dr. Weinert. He was helpful, friendly, and – key – knowledgeable and confident.After extensive training, he had done over 500 of these surgeries and came very highly recommended; even my own specialist in Toronto suggested I go to him, as there is no one in Canada with Dr. Weinert’s experience level. All of these factors led me to choose him and to drive the 12 hour round trip to Michigan for a consultation, even though I could possibly have the expense covered in Canada and not if done in the US. Those with debilitating pain will understand that I was willing to spend my savings if it meant permanent, real relief from the situation.The promises seemed grand: patients who had undergone this surgery had progressed from barely walking to jogging, playing basketball, and hiking. Was this really possible for me? Sure enough, on- site x-rays showed me without doubt that the problem was in my ankles, which collapsed with every step. Being able to see this so clearly made the decisions easy; it was the exact issue that Dr. Weinert’s surgery has so successfully addressed for others. No wonder orthotics and special shoes didn’t help. Why hadn’t the other specialists been able to diagnose this? I still don’t know, but I no longer care. I had the first surgery, on my right foot, in September of 2012, and after a couple of months of healing had the left foot done. Due to Dr. Weinert’s professionalism and expertise, the procedures and the subsequent healing went extremely well. He and his staff were patient and informative, and I felt very reassured throughout.The transformation is significant. It will, naturally, take time for all my tendons and ligaments to adjust to the new alignment of my feet, and although this causes me some discomfort, I am experiencing far less pain than I did before, and I have regained my mobility and freedom. I am back to work with no problems save for the normal fatigue one might feel in their feet after a long day of walking. I have joined a gym and go often, which is something I love doing and which was simply not possible for me before. I am like a new man; my future, and my normal life, have been restored. Dr. Weinert and all of his staff, without exception, have been caring and professional. I cannot recommend this procedure enough for people for whom it is appropriate; it is a lifesaver. Thank you, Dr. Weinert!

-Raj S.

Love these visits! My feet feel a ton better!

-Elise B.

I am very impressed with the skill and proficiency at [Dr. Horsley’s] office. Everyone is very gentle, friendly, professional and thorough.

-Margaret B.

This is a fantastic treatment. I highly recommend that anyone with foot pain discuss this with their podiatrist. Prior to my surgery I had severe Plantar Fasciitis in both feet and couldn’t walk very well. After surgery the Plantar Fasciitis is almost gone and I’ve returned to running and hiking on a regular basis. My arches are becoming more noticeable and getting stronger. This is a fantastic treatment. I highly recommend that anyone with foot pain discuss this with their podiatrist as an option that may help them. The thing that has pleased me most about my experience with HyProCure is the speedy recovery due to the minimally invasive surgical technique. Prior to getting HyProCure I had been running obstacle races but had to stop due to pain during exercise. I researched the procedure and was convinced after discussing with my doctor that this might help eliminate the pain


I have had relief from knee pain as well as sharp foot pain. HyProCure has corrected the way I stand. I used to walk like a duck,now, I walk straight. Because I walked incorrectly for so long, my spine became misaligned. My Pilates instructor and chiropractor informed me that I needed to bring my feet in and be conscious of walking erect. This was hard to do because of how my feet were positioned. HyProCure has changed that, allowing me the opportunity to correct my back.Everything Dr. Ahn said would happen, occurred as he said. He was patient and answered every question I had.

-Sonia D

Dr. Abbott is a great doctor and an amazing human being. I love him!

-Glenn C.

At 2 weeks [post-op] I feel I am at 80%. I say only 80%, because the stitches won’t be out for 3 more days. I am really pleased with this surgery. I have had numerous knee surgeries, because of arthritis which always had my knee in constant pain. I was told at age 45 I will need knee replacement if I can hold out that long. Now my knee has pain here and there. I can also tell I am walking better. Just by comparing my feet sitting or standing I can also tell a difference. I just believe it was overall worth it. This surgery has changed my life for the better.


My son Finley (aged 6) had the HyProCure procedure last October. We went to Dr. Joe Picciotti who was amazing. He explained everything and took really good care of Finley. The recovery was quicker than expected. His alignment has improved so much that he is not limping anymore, he never complains of knee pain and he has started to run for the first time. We are so glad he had it. Thank you, Dr. Joe!


I suffered for three years from pain due to bunions on both of my feet. It hurt especially when I would walk long distances or when I played soccer. I tried orthotics and splints first, but none of that really helped. Then I had the HyProCure procedure on both of my feet and I was back to playing soccer right away! Even now, years later, the pain is gone. Even when I walk for long times on my college campus, I don’t have any pain in either of the feet. I am HyProCured!


This has been the best thing to happen to me. I no longer have nerve pain in my ankles and legs, no more plantar fasciitis, sesamoiditis, sore muscles, knee or hip pain! I noticed a difference the day of surgery. My feet didn’t collapse anymore. I was also walking immediately after surgery. I am a teacher and am on my feet all day. I had surgery on a Friday, went back to work on the following Thursday. I had to sit down a lot of course. If you have flat feet or hyperpronation I suggest you seriously consider this surgery. This has truly been a life changing procedure for me.


I am able to get back to the activities I enjoy doing and my career as a personal trainer. Prior to my surgery I had been an avid runner but I had to seriously curtail my running, eventually having to stop all together because of the pain I was experiencing on the inside of my ankles and feet. Since the surgery, I am able to walk and run pain free and perform my jogs without limitations. My balance has also improved greatly. I would definitely encourage anyone who is experiencing pain in their feet or difficulty standing for long periods of time or even pain when walking to get a consult with a HyProCure Surgeon


It was very evident throughout this process how much Dr. Ahn believes in the benefits of this [HyProCure] procedure. After living with flat feet my entire life, I am so excited about living life with my new feet. Many thanks to Dr. Ahn and his wonderful team for their care throughout this process.

-Alan W.

You always have a great experience when visiting Dr. Pancholi's office. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Would recommend Dr. Pancholi to anyone who has a problem with their feet.

-William R.

Dr. Seth Steber - I had a complete ankle rebuild about 3 months ago. 25 years ago my ankle was fused from an injury and it held by a long since retired doctor. It held well until about 3 years ago when another doc put in an ankle replacement. Through no fault of anyone's it didn't resolve any pain issues and my heel started to slide out of whack. I was walking with pain in my ankle and hip. Dr. Steber fixed the heel, "cleaned the gutters" and shored everything up. In 3 months the pain is much more better!

-Andrew M.

It is my privilege to highly recommend Dr. Ahn to anyone who experiences foot pain or discomfort. Dr. Ahn recently completed the HyProCure procedure on both of my feet. Upon meeting Dr. Ahn he determined that I was a candidate for the HyProCure procedure to correct my flat feet. He took the time to explain how the procedure worked, the recovery process and answered all of my questions.

-Samantha W.

Dr. Pancholi is wonderful, she explains every detail so you can understand. My 13 year old daughter's bunion issue runs in the family, and many relatives have had surgery. Dr. Pancholi explained to me, the heel of the foot & alignment of it effects the bunion. She showed us how other options help straighten, align and relieve the bunion. I was shocked at the difference. My family members have had surgical procedures that often led right back to the same issues they had prior to surgery. In order to effectively treat the problem you need to address the entire foot, not just preform surgery right away. I was so impressed with her, and so happy with the treatment plan. My daughter is an athlete and no longer scared about her feet issues thanks to Dr. Pancholi.

-Leah D.

Dr. Weissmann removed my bunions on my left foot. It was a very quick and relatively painless procedure. My foot is sore but I don't have any pain. He didn't use any rods or pins. He answered all of my questions and made sure I understood the procedure. The staff is great. They are positive and very willing to help. I would highly recommend this Team!

-Elizabeth D.

Dr. Spitz was very informative and explained what what needed to be done and helped me relive my pain right away.

-Ken B.

Dr.K.Horsley has restored my confidence. I had bunion surgery that caused me years of pain and embarrassment, but thanks to him and his awesome staff I feel happy; glad that I finally had it done....Thank you Horsley Foot & Ankle Surgery.

-Nita J.

I really like the way the Dr takes the time to explain everything He does. I got the treatment and was very satisfied. Later, I decided to have Dr Spitz correct my Bunion deformity on my right foot. I previously had an orthopedist correct the bunion on my left foot. I was very disappointed in that operation. Dr Spitz performs a new minimally invasive procedure. Virtually no scars! My newly corrected right foot looks much better than my left foot. There was very little pain, and no general anesthesia needed. I would recommend anyone thinking of Bunion surgery to come here 1st.

-Sandra B.

I would recommend Dr. Horsley to anyone. Excellent service from all of the staff.

-Cheryl H.

My visits to Dr. Pancholi are always pleasant. The staff is friendly, pleasant and very caring. Always working to meet my needs. No complaints.

-Jennie K.

He [Dr. Abbott] was wonderful! He explained what was happening with my toe. He told me what he was going to do BEFORE doing it. The procedure was practically painless. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a caring, knowledgeable professional! My foot was in great hands!!!

-Geraldine C.

I was very satisfied with my recent visit to Dr. Pancholi. Her staff were very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Pancholi was great. She offered a lot of Information and answered all of my questions about my ailment. She really put my mind at ease and I look forward to continue my care with her.

-Angela S.

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