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Dr. Michael E Graham

Dr. Michael E Graham, a successful, Michigan-based doctor of Podiatric Medicine. In his practice, Dr. Graham specialized in the correction of foot and ankle instability, a root cause of many secondary conditions throughout the body. It had long been known that the underlying cause of many foot and ankle problems is excessive hindfoot motion. Frustrated by the limitations of available treatment options on the market, Dr. Graham was determined to improve patient outcomes by providing a revolutionary solution to answer this challenge. Dr. Graham invented HyProCure®, an Extra-Osseous TaloTarsal Stabilization (EOTTS) Device.

Ask The Experts: Overpronation

Dr. Michael E Graham, Dr. T.J. Ahn  6:51

We are talking about flat feet and a condition called overpronation. Lets take a close look at overpronation and flat feet to find out exactly what causes these conditions, why they are bad and what can be done to fix them.

Ask The Experts: The HyProCure Advantage

Dr. Michael E Graham, Dr. T.J. Ahn  7:57

We are talking about a medical breakthrough to treat misaligned and flat feet. Learn more about this revolutionary orthopedic solution.

Ask The Experts: Bunions

Dr. Michael E Graham, Dr. T.J. Ahn  5:45

We are talking about how to treat bunions and joint pain in the big toe.

Ask The Experts: Heel Pain

Dr. Michael E Graham, Dr. T.J. Ahn  6:19

We are taking a close up look at chronic heel pain, a painful condition that affects millions of people every year.

Ask The Experts: Growing Pains & Shin Splints

Dr. Michael E Graham, Dr. T.J. Ahn  5:29

We are talking about growing pains and lower leg pain known as shin splints.