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What AtlasFAI Does?

Atlas doctors focus exclusively on feet. Whether it’s fixing an ingrown toenail or multiple concerns the specialists at Atlas Foot Alignment Institutes offer patients a world class level of expertise and care. The AtlasFAI treatment model revolves around the patient. With a highly trained team, precise imaging equipment, facilities and helpful Treatment Coordinators—all together in the same center—we’re uniquely equipped to make treating foot concerns the best possible experience it can be for our patients.

Atlas Foot Alignment Institutes provide innovative and quality foot care to patients across the United States.

Each center is focused on the same mission - to make treating your foot concerns more convenient, more affordable and more attainable for everyone who’s looking for a solution to their foot issues.

It’s clear that our approach is working.

By assembling all of the experts and elements needed for successful treatment together in one center, we give people new leases on life, faster and better than ever imagined. The AtlasFAI one location, one team, one cost approach revolutionized foot care treatment and has become the preferred method for treatment for many people.

AtlasFAI doctors share information among their peers

Atlas Foot Alignment Institute Centers are constantly being added to the growing network, with centers being added all over the United States. AtlasFAI doctors share information among their peers, discuss new developments and collaborate on research. This helps ensure Atlas doctors are in line with the latest industry standards and patients feel completely confident that they’re receiving top-notch care and proven expertise at every one of the Atlas Foot Alignment Institute Centers across the nation.

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