Realigning Your Life, One Foot At A Time

Everything you need to know about EOTTS-HyProCure®

EOTTS - HyProCure has given hope to tens of thousands of patients who are suffering as a result of their misaligned feet.

Atlas FAI Team

What is EOTTS-HyProCure?

E.O.T.T.S. stands for extra-osseous talotarsal stabilization. This is a minimally invasive procedure where an FDA cleared titanium stent is placed into a naturally occurring space in between the ankle and heel bones. This space, called the sinus tarsi, should always be open. There is no drilling or cutting with this procedure. The ankle bone is re-positioned on the heel bone which re-opens the space. The space is then sized to determine which size stent stabilizes the ankle bone while still allowing the normal amount of hindfoot motion. The stent is held in place by the bony chamber and the soft tissues found in this space. Atlas-FAI only uses the HyProCure stent (made by GraMedica®). This stent has the greatest success rate, is time-tested, and back by scientific research.

The EOTTS-HyProCure procedure is normally performed under a local anesthesia; some patients also prefer to have an IV sedation to completely relax them during this 20 minute procedure. One of the many advantages with this procedure is that it can be performed on both children and adults. Even when the HyProCure stent is placed into a child’s foot, it is unlikely that it will have to be replaced later in life. The good news is that the procedure is reversible if needed.

Once cleared by your Atlas-FAI specialist, patients are allowed to return to their normal activity level. Of course since you will now have a realigned foot, certain tissues don’t have to work as much whereas others will have to work a little more. So there will be a period of adjustment and this differs from foot-to-foot and patient-to-patient. It’s kind of like working-out for the first time.

Why Get EOTTS-HyProCure?

Misaligned ankle bones are responsible for the majority of chronic problems to the foot and ankle. This rather common condition also leads to a chain reaction of destructive forces acting on the knees, hips, and back. EOTTS offers so many advantages over any form of treatment and it simply makes sense. There is no other treatment option that offers realignment and stabilization of the hindfoot, when indicated.

The EOTTS-HyProCure can decrease the strain to your feet, knees, hips and back. Furthermore, this life-changing procedure will help you in so many other ways. For instance, now that your feet are realigned you will be able to walk easier without the limiting pain. This means you will be able to increase your metabolism and with a good, healthy diet you should lose weight. This will reverse the ill-effects of many associated condition of weight-gain like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The HyProCure stent is the leading device for EOTTS. It’s been FDA cleared since 2004 and is used by leading orthopedic and podiatric surgeons in nearly 60 countries. In fact, tens of thousands of pediatric and adult patients have been helped with this innovative stent around the world. Finally, an internal solution that doesn’t involve complex joint limiting surgery, an extended recovery, or associated complications is now available. The research behind HyProCure has proven this to be the best sinus tarsi stent.

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Is EOTTS-HyProCure right for me?

Here’s the simple test to see if this option is right for you.

In order to be a candidate for the EOTTS-HyProCure® procedure, you must have a flexible hindfoot. This means, your ankle bone can be easily repositioned and your hindfoot can be realigned while sitting or standing.

Of course, the best and only way to really know is for an Atlas-FAI foot specialist to exam your foot clinically and to confirm this with radiographic imaging. Schedule your no-obligation examination today!